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Juliet King


My work is probably best described as being Surrealist and Outsider. I research my subject extensively reading, writing and sketching.  I consider my practice as a courageous and challenging attempt to unearth the mechanics behind this seemingly unfair world and am interested in social realities and the philosophies, cultural history and psychological processes that shape them.  

The result of four years work, my last project, Hotel Mind, looks at the process of grief - from the confusion of tragedy through to the quest for perspective and understanding, and some of the complications that can be involved along the way, including dependency, co-dependency and anxiety, expressed using the image of hotels to voice the feelings and emotions experienced by grief absence and loss.  

Transition is a major player in these works with the use of hotels acting as metaphors for transition from one stage to another.  The emphasis on transition may also be relevent due to my own life changing bereavement in the transitionary stage between adolescence and adulthood.  As impersonal and temporary dwelling places, hotels lack the identity cultivated from one’s own unique life history and question the physical and emotional attachments that we would associate with the security of a home.  They also act as a symbolic detour  - a mourning of the difference between the life one was going to have and the reality of the life one does have.  

It is this parallel life, the life one has instead of the life one was going to have which I believe, could cause the confusion and anxiety which can be so symptomatic of bereavement.  I describe it as a ‘madness’.  Freud himself wondered why mourning involved not just depressed states but also anxious one's.  

And so the six canvas’ were born out of this madness, with lots of research - reading, writing, sketching and counselling to try and separate the conglomerate of confusion, to compartmentalise it and put it into some sort of context. 

My most recent project, 'The Big Release' and 'The Release of Everything' are a metaphoric purging of  mixed messages and twisted conditioning which we can be brought up with in childhood and which can lead to guilt, self blame, negative internal voices, critical self judgements and fears.  It is the erruption of confused identity, taboos and over control.  Projectile vomiting the force fed crap - the belief in powerlessness, the belief that a round peg fits into a square hole.

It is the purging of a false life, one's old values and mistaken beliefs, the cruelty of others ignorance or intentional meanness.

The pressure of oppression exploding - exposing an instinct which does not tolerate arrogance.  To get to a purer core - the spotless bit of the mind - one’s own truth.

My next project also considers social realities and injustices.  The core theme confronts the ‘powerlessness of childhood’ with particular emphasis  on the morification of adolescence exploring issues regarding rites of passage, over control, physical, psychological and social development and it’s impact on adult life.  

Hotel Mind

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