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In a gesture not dissimilar to the blindfolded point at a freshly unfurled map, the place is decided.


An open, artist led exploration of the UK brings together a new community of creatively minded beings through its monthly day excursions. The project intends to create dialogue and activity with people and places outside of London, always with the objective of de-centralising hierarchies of knowledge and opening up new settings for artistic discovery and collaborative intervention.

KINGDOM visits seek to uncover notions of place, people, memory, traditions, dormant histories and conflicts particularly in relation to regeneration, the future and how these themes are represented. The planned activities and gestures will always be spontaneous, convivial, collaborative and invite local leadership. Proposed in relation to each sites idiosyncrasy, this structure will allow the group to delve deeper and take in relevant storytelling, physical markers, social theory and art histories.

KINGDOM’S focus on being and questioning rather than making and showing provides a rare opportunity for artists to step outside the competitive, production-orientated art and design world. The temporality of any conversations or work produced allows artists to free themselves from any preconceived restraints that may have been formed by formal education, the constant barrage of justification or pressures exerted on the self or by the market.

As a result of its visits KINGDOM hopes to create a free exchange and support network. A self-identifying group that embrace site-specific gathering and thinking as an alternative form of information gathering and artistic development. This group will promote wider national awareness of knowledge and agency outside of the capital, as well as further the understanding of place and people as an important context within contemporary practices.

Travel. Collaborate. Speculate. Together.

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