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karen storr


My individual study interest is inspired by a wide range of issues and ideas, ranging from those associated with cultural theories, social issues and the environment. Narratives are also very important in my work. Each piece of work I undertake nearly always evolves from a story someone has told me or I have read about. I am also interested in “a sense of place” and our perception of “longing and belonging” and also the idea of post-memory and how we use it in our everyday lives.

I need to engage not only with the moment in which I take a photograph but also with its depiction of the passing of the seasons, the memories of past cultures, the spirit of the place and historical events. What appeals to me about photographing objects, marks and symbols that most people would disregard as uninteresting or unattractive, is the visual impact that the objects gain by being photographed

I find beauty in the most austere decaying objects and places and try to put it together in my images so that the viewer can see it. The found objects I photograph resonate with abandoned human histories and live again because they have given me their inspiration, their energy; the most banal objects have a preciousness to me.



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