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Karenina Fabrizzi



Animal heads flowers and plants are some of the themes that I use in my drawings, a subtle injection of ambiguity that blurs the gap between the ordinary and the fantastic.
The background of this sub-world appears to be transformed into an innocent children’s fantasy that almost looks like a dream.
The lack of sexual boundaries shows us like in a fairy tale the link between this Pschicologycal hidden mind or memory and the actual world.
Delicate graphite lines are filled in with a subtle blue palette, reds, greys, and pale browns.
Having an apparent dark side but they also embody a sense of fragility and
This seems to be a consistent characteristic of my work.




Graphic Design and Fine Art , Escuela superior de Creativos Publicitarios, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Workshop, Murals, frescos, Oil paintings and preparation of surfaces and walls, Milan, Italy.
Fine Art Workshop, Life Drawing and Painting, Boter Santal, Barcelona.
Digital Image& Photoshop Workshop City Lit College, London England.
Final Cut Pro, School Of Visual Arts New York, USA.

Group Show
Salve Art Gallery Leipzig, Germany

April-May 2012
“ Cabinet de Curiosité”
Solo show
La Plataforma Art Gallery, Barcelona Spain

February 2012
JML Realizamos Interiors Barcelona, Barcelona Spain

December 2011
Art & Venta
La Plataforma Art Gallery Barcelona, Spain

November 2011
Villa del Arte
Villa del Arte Art Gallery Barcelona, Spain

September 2011
Tallers Oberts
La Plataforma Art Gallery, Barcelona Spain

May 2011
Solo Show
Galleria Ashanti, Roma Italy

September 2010
Bel Etage
Lichtpunkt Gallery, Munich Germany

September 2010
"Collettiva Artisti"
Galleria 6Senso, Roma Italy

May 2010
Zipor, Ziporim, Ziporra
Lichtpunkt Gallery, Munich Germany

November 2009
Galleria Ashanti, Roma Italy

January 2009
6 Senso Art Gallery Rome, Italy
Curated by Antonio Tamburro

November 2008
Galleria 6Senso, Roma Italy

July 2008
Galeria 196, Rome Italy

June 2008
Temporary Love, Trastevere Rome Italy

October 2008
The Rare Event of Contemporary Art
Curated by Axel Stein director of Sotheby's Miami
Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden Miami

July 2008
Galeria 196 Rome

June 2008
Temporary Love Trastevere Rome

May 2008
Affordable Art Fair Madrid Spain

January 2007
SARA Japanese Gallery New York

November 2006 – Present
HASKER, Brooklyn New York

October 2006
DUMBO Art Festival Jan Larsen Fine Art New York

Feb 2006
La Santa Proyectos Culturales Expo “Do you want to?” Barcelona, Spain

January 2006
RWK Art Show, Jan Larsen Gallery New York

December 2005
BAC Festival, Video Art Festival Barcelona, Spain

May 2005
Hybrid Channel Moebius, video art Festival Bari, Italy

October 2005
PI-Five Video Festival OFFicyna Szczecin, Polonia

August 2005
Sex & Food Vide Art Festival Cisternino, Brindisi Kamera 55

September 2005
Urban Flesh & Blood international videoart screening
The Kaliningrad Branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts

April 2005
Festival de video arte EROS+FOOD.
Sekanina Gallery Ferrara Italy

December/January 2005
Contrast Gallery “aquest llibre no el llegiràs” Barcelona Spain

September 2003
Trans-Art BCN.
Contemporary Art Show (Mostra interdisciplinária d´Art Jove), Barcelona Sapin

July 2002
‘Ánima Femenina’
Transformadors, Barcelona Spain

Art Fairs
8-11 Noviembre 2007
Kunst die je niet kunt laten staan
Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam

April 2007
Glasgow Art Fair
Villa del arte Gallery Barcelona Spain

28,29,30 September 2007
GEAF Gooi en Eemland Art Fair

28,29,30 September 2007
Gooi Eemland
September 2007
Holland Art Fair
Villa del arte Gallery Barcelona Spain

September 2007
Artenim, Nime France
Villa del arte Gallery Barcelona Spain

October 2006
London Art Fair Affordable Art Fair
Villa del arte Gallery Barcelona Spain

Cabinet de curuiosité

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