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Karin Eden



From the rise of monotheism, human beings have been creating most spectacular buildings in which according to their beliefs, lies the spirit of god. These unique sacred spaces combine intimacy together with the public worship of a certain faith. It is a place for meditation and privacy while outside the fast pace of modern life is still kicking. In my work, I try to create a similar sacred atmosphere, and use the following elements in order to attain it: 1) System based geometrical repetitions; based on mathematical means (e.g. the golden ratio and Fibonacci sequence), which are often believed to be the most aesthetically pleasing, and symbolize infinity and progression in nature. The result is an almost meditative pattern that can be continued to infinity. 2) The instalment of work in space can enhance or contradict the desired atmosphere. 3) The relation to religious architecture from which my work is very much inspired., In an installation, the work becomes an alienated awkward element, detached from time and place, and resembles remnants of a temple. The forms and the systems used are an attempt to propose a perfect composition. Textures, hues and the interval of natural light, create a very saturated surface that is jeopardized by the subtle destructions of dripping paint, imperfect forms and miscalculations.

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