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Karin Edo


I was born in Tokyo in 1979.

In 1995, I entered an arts academy in CaliforniaUSA, majoring in visual art.,

In 1998,I entered BA fine art course in one of the college of the London Institute. There, I gained my degree and my first opportunity for commercial trade of my work.


I have always worked with paints, which probably means I am a painter, though it is not the only media I enjoy working with. I give a go at mixed media sculpture, probably once in a blue moon. My subject matter tends to be figurative, and non- narrative. I occasionally produce sculptures and small installation works. I tend to work in small scale. The largest painting I have worked is 76 x 50 cm.


Almost all of my subjects are portraitures of people I hold dear to my life, irrespective of my fondness/dislikes towards them. I apply distortion to my subjects depending on how I feel about myself in their presence.


Edo Karin

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