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karo evans



Photographer and Abstract Expressionist Painter


Karo Evans is a photographer and an Abstract Expressionist Painter, who has been
brought up in different countries and has taken the best of each culture

She studied photography in London, UK, and went to the Beaux Arts in france, before going to England.
She presently lives on the north coast of Brittany in France, and is always ready for new challenges.

She particularly enjoys "making" photographs of "still life", and works a lot with mirrors and glass in her compositions.
"Art is a Must to stay Alive" are her favorite words.
To Be Alive in this world, to exist, it is imperative for her to be able to create

Creation, the process, is liken to pregnancy, until, finally, the work is born, delivered, and offered to the viewers.
The painters, that she enjoyed most when young, were : Bosch, Bruegel, the Pre Raphaelites, and the Abstract Expressionists.

She catches the light, on the northern coast of Brittany, where her heart pounds for the sun rises and sun sets, the architecture, the nautical scenes that one can feed upon.
Fractals are part of her other interests and photo manipulations, composites.

Karo Evans January2012



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