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Katherine Lubar


My work takes as its source material light patterns and shadows that fall onto man-made, built environments. A great deal of my imagery is taken from domestic settings.

Light falls onto walls, tables, mirrors, TVs, etc and is refracted, causing shadows that, once abstracted, can be read in a myriad of ways. By focusing in on a small section of the original imagery, the viewer is asked to decipher not only what the shapes are, but which is the positive and which is the negative, forcing more attention onto the formal aspects and suggesting new rhythms and patterns, leaving the interpretation open.

In addition, I am interested in the idea of repetition; when I use a shadow or light pattern in an image, it is already two steps removed from reality – the work is a 3rd version of a 2nd version of the object itself. With each version, the object becomes more and more skewed, commenting on the subjectivity of perception.

My choice of technique – smooth, perfectly hand-applied paint and distinct taped-out sections – reflects the almost machine-like perfection that we demand of ourselves as well as the isolation inherent in living in contemporary Western society. Taking the subject from domestic settings comments on the separation we experience inside our individual spaces, separated from each other to preserve the idea of our autonomy. However, the light that reaches almost every one of us, no matter where we are, is the same light and can be seen as a connection between us.

Katherine  Lubar

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