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Katherine Nolan



Dr. Katherine Nolan is a video and performance artist, lecturer and performance curator at MART, Irish Arts organization. Her practice is currently concerned with states of inhabiting the body and processes of becoming, with a particular focus on tensions between the lived and the spectacular body. The work seeks to subvert normative codifications of the body and human experience through strategies of pleasure, resistance and disruption. She has performed and exhibited internationally in Europe, America and Asia. Recent works include: Love, Lust and Longing at the Freud Museum, London; Supersatured at Mobius, Boston and Panoply Performance Lab, New York (2013); Peep Hole at Performing Porn, Performance Space, London (2013); Surface Attention in Stattbad, Berlin, Space, Bratislava and Molesworth Gallery, Dublin (2010). Recent curatorial practice includes What is the Body For? for Dublin Live Art Festival (2014), and the Non-Zero Sum Art Games for MART at Plataforma Revolver, Lisbon (2013). Her work work can be viewed at http://katherine-nolan.blogspot.com/

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