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Kerry Zacharia




Kerry Zacharia is a London born artist with Greek-Cypriot origins. She displayed creative talents at a young age, but for one reason or another her career took on a different path.  However, her passion for art long remained and she now has an established following and exhibits her work primarily in London.  Kerry is an artist that draws upon inspiration from the environments that she experiences and from within.  Her creative vision is translated with lines, fine brush strokes, patterns and a selective range of colour within the outlines she has drawn.  The intensity of the art some times enables Kerry to embed mystery images that once seen by the viewer is always seen.  Kerry chooses to paint with ink on paper as she likes its fluidity and transparency but it is unforgiving, which further  adds to the challenge of working in this media. 

Kerry completed her first ink on paper painting around 2006, using red and black ink.  Kerry’s inspiration for this painting came around the time she felt a strong sense to express herself from the depths of pain by exposing layers of vulnerability onto the paper. The process took around two years to complete.  In this painting, the outline of a woman in despair was clearly defined, but in the process the energy that  flowed out into the lines, patterns and the shapes concealed the womans figure so well that it was not instantly formed to the viewer, but once the figure was formed the figure would remain.  Amazed by this outcome, she decided to produce a series of paintings in the red and black theme, each one unique in its own right.  Kerry launched herself as an artist in a group works on paper exhibition at The Brick Lane Gallery in March 2014, exhibiting four paintings from this series of seven.  Kerry guided by her instincts, has chosen from the outset to make these not for sale and to keep the ‘Red and Black’ collection as her 'Private Collection' for the foreseeable future.

Working in themed collections ever since is one of Kerry’s insightful visions.  It gives her the opportunity to explore different dimensions from within a structure and in time build a diversity across her portfolio, which is inkeeping with her style.  Kerry achieved her first sale not long after launching, ‘Mysterious by the Thames’ in April 2014 (Inner City London Collection 2013).  Kerry now has an established fine collection of art, that is professionally framed with TrueVue Ultraview glass, available for sale.  The feedback Kerry has received since going public has been so great that it has endorsed her style as different and given her a confident base from which to grow. 

Prior to launching, Kerry was commissioned in 2012 by a long standing friend to paint a landscape garden view. On socialising this painting in recent times, someone said that it was “like Van Gogh from another dimension”.  It is true that quite often Kerry’s art is associated to a likeness of Van Gogh, however, this is not intentional.

Kerry is self-taught and hence her style has not been influenced by experiencing an art education or from her following famous artists past. Kerry’s favourite artists include Cezanne, El Greco, Monet and Salvadore Dali.  It was not until people started to associate a likeness in her work to Van Gogh that she could see what people were saying.  Neither has Kerry been taught how to draw other than what she learnt at school and hence in time one will also see a natural evolvement of her technical skill as well as her painting style. Kerry had a spell working as a freelance digital retoucher/artist in the mid-1990’s, again self-taught. She was successful in this field and within a couple of years her day rate turned into her hourly rate and she was often commended for her finesse and fine attention to detail.  Her largest achievement was a bill board poster of a red MG sports car c.1998.  Unfortunately, personal life changing circumstances led to the end of this era.

Kerry has come a long way in a short space of time as an artist painting in ink on paper, making connections in the art world where she started with none and networking with people interested in art both on social platforms and through networking events and through investing in exhibiting and entering art prizes.  She intends to continue to build her presence using smart and innovative ways as well as exhibiting in selective group exhibitions in future with plans to organise her first solo exhibition ‘London in Different Dimensions’, whilst at the same time working on new themes for 2016.  Kerry trusts her intuition, is guided by her inspiration and knows that the collections she creates today will one day in the future bring value to her investors. 

For Kerry art is a large part of her heart and soul and as someone once said to her “part of her DNA”. 


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