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Kerry Zacharia



Kerry Zacharia is a London born artist with Greek-Cypriot origins. She displayed creative talents at a young age, but for one reason or another her career took on a different path. However, her passion for art long remained and she is now becoming recognised as an emerging artist. Since she first began exhibiting her work in 2014 she has been widely exhibited and has also been showcased on London Underground several times. 

Character traits of Kerry’s fine line detail and pattern were always present in her art, but her potential was not fully unleashed until she began to paint with ink on paper in 2006.  The energy and flow of each painting is recognisable as part of Kerry’s style.  Particularly in her London scenes, not only does she captivate her audience with this energy and motion but with recognisable scenes of London that people love and thus she connects with her audience on several levels. 

Kerry’s is a self-taught artist and her style of painting is very personal to her and derived from within and therefore it comes naturally and is not contrived. Kerry is guided by her intuition and acts with integrity and passion to create art that is perceived as ‘different’.  


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