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Kevin House


Kevin House is a self-taught artist & musician born in the U.K and based in Canada.

Autobiographical and illustrative, I see these works on 78 records as lyrical artifacts born of imaginary and real worlds intersecting. Composing music, collecting ephemera, invented folklore's, historical signage,the world of sideshows, storytelling traditions, and life's strange, harrowing, and beautiful expedition have all contributed in some way to what i create.

Kevin works in a variety of mediums including painting, collage, sculpture, writing, and music. Kevin has exhibited his work at The Outsider art fair in N.Y, The Halsey gallery in Charleston SC,The Yard Dog gallery in Austin Texas, Orange Hill folk art gallery in Atlanta Georgia, and more.

His artwork has appeared in Raw Vision magazine, The Globe and Mail, Bark Magazine, Elle magazine. His music made many top 10 lists in 2007 including NPR in the U.S and has been favorably reviewed in Mojo, Uncut, to name a few.

Kevin's artwork is in many collections worldwide including british actor Malcolm Mcdowell,Canadian Radio personality Bill Richardson, and artist Joe Coleman among others.

Kevin exhibits his work with the Marion Harris gallery at the outsider art fair in N.Y in Feb 2010.

works on 78 rpm records

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