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Kim Valdez


I am an artist, curator and a founder of the Crouch End Open Studios, now in its twelth year.

I am also a curator of a new venture 'Front Room Art' , two private galleries that put on occasional 'Pop Up' weekend exhibitions.

Much of my work has been influenced by a number of visits I have made to Colombia and the Amazon region. I am interested in the dislocation between the modern urban world and the natural world and the ways in which this affects us all.

I work in a varity of media: primarily a sculptor, My most recent work is in 'Live Edge' Acrylic. The flowers of the rainforest are often brilliantly coloured: red predominates, perhaps to catch the eye of bird and insect pollinators. Splashes of yellow lighten the dark green undergrowth and the jungle birds slip past with a flash of blue, green or red. The works  in my most recent exhibition 'On the Edge of Beauty' are all about transparency, light and colour; they are made of red, green, orange and blue fluorescent 'live edge' acrylic. I also work in clay(ceramic) and in mixed media and installation. I make many sketches and my latest drawings use these sketches, original photographs, and images drawn directly on the ipad to produce a final digital, or printable image.

Ceramic Sculptures

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