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Lamb White



Lamb White is an online platform dedicated to developing fresh approaches to selling the very best in newly-commissioned contemporary art. Launching with an online programme of Digital Editions and Portfolios, Lamb White will carve out new channels of commerce and distribution to directly benefit artists, audiences, buyers and collectors.

Caitlin Griffths, Founder/Director of Lamb White says:

Having worked in publicly-funded organisations for over 10 years, I am acutely aware of the challenges artists face in the current economic climate. While there has been a real surge in great art over the last decade, so rarely has this equated to economic success or stability for the artists involved. Selling art can seem such a complicated – and closed-door - process for many young artists, in the same way that buying art is seen as such an exclusive thing. For me the beauty of ubiquitous technology - our laptops, smart-phones, i-pads, and internet tvs – is in the ease of exchange and distribution of images. Lamb White will carve out new channels of commerce, to directly benefit artists and art audiences alike.”

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