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Larisa Oreskovic



Lara Oreskovic  was born in Zagreb (Croatia). Started to travel as a student. Lived in Spain, Denmark, Canada and then she moved to Bologna, Italy, where stays for 18 years. In Bologna. Afterwards she opened "I particolari", atelier-gallery in Bologna in 1998 then in 2005, atelier, En Sof Gallery (since summer 2006. she's a member of Gruppo3), where she continues to work developing her three-dimensional paintinga-intallations and curates a exhibitions organizes performances and meetings with artists. Today she lives in Zagreb, paints and works as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. She speaks Italian, English, Spanish and Croatian. Held exhibitions in Bologna, Novara, Rovigo, Treviso, Mirano -VE- (Italy), Karlovac, Krapina, Zagreb (Croatia) and in New York (USA). Works collected in different countries: Spain, Canada, Danmark, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, New Zeeland, Croatia, Italy, Austria, Germany and United States.

| zōon zōon politikon | 

Are we such by nature or we're disfigured by bad environment. Epidemic of new practical skills with a negative sign is spreading in modern society : contempt for human dignity, non-compliance of labor, non-recognition of the value, ill-mannered, injustice, ignorance, pillage with impunity ... Human is not a rational being anymore, of animal rationale he turned into animal irationale. We live in the SF world where the unreal becomes real. (lo)

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