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Laura Norman



My work has begun to address the notion of the gaze and has contested notions of how myself, or my work is viewed. I’d started to touch on a concept I referred to as ‘Arthur & Ursula.’ Both names have decended down from different linguistic influences but essentially, these are the female and male equivalents of the word ‘Bear.’ I had been thinking of the Male as a protector in a relationship, with this urge to provide and cater for his partner as well as some other primal traits, but I thought that talking about the Male ‘in general’ was far too vague. I had also been applying these themes to my work in a rather conspicuous manner, and as such, my earlier images have a tendancy to be overtly sexual. Instead, Im currently building up to break with my previous photography and produce a series that deals with the same ideas and experiences but which the imagery will become more subtle and can be informed by fresh influences such as the landscape.

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