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laurence longueville



Laurence Longueville, visual artist, is known for her oil paintings, using photographies, mixing distorted images to create new ones, giving us an "image-landscape" painted on large canvases.

Her color palette is unexpectedly quite small, and thus presents the particularity of offering us strong contrasts, still dominant in her paintings.

The Longueville's very accomplished creations have implementation periods in terms of months, while working and reworking the sketches… 
Through her creations, she is asking us to use our deep consciousness, finding souvenirs in form of colors, smelling, images, feelings, recreating in a subliminal way, what is stored in our memories. 
Isn't art made to say in vision what can't be said in words ?  

The only Longueville's message to be found is the meaninglessness of daily life, the certainty of death and the transient nature of vanity.

She lives since many years in Geneva in Switzerland, after a long stay in Germany. She achieved at the University a DES of Business Administration, and she studied art, interior design and art history. Longueville is accredited by the Museo Nacional del Prado in Madrid, exhibits her works in Europe and USA, and is involved in collaborative ongoing projects such as art and design, art fairs and art-marketing consultancy. (PhD Project)



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