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Leo Jahaan


My artwork revolves around 2 primary concepts: Time and Transformation. Time is an element of all my pieces, as the basis of each artwork comes from archival books and journals created mostly during the last 500 years. These works of printed literature have been protected in library storage archives, until now. Thanks to modern technology we have new digital scans of this largely hidden and forgotten literature. I see this as a form of time travel, allowing us to reach back and view the thoughts and ideas of women and men living in past generations. My artwork is a re-purposing of the original, saving it from becoming lost in time.

While illustrations and diagrams are traditionally reserved for printed literature, here they evolve into another medium, offering a renewed opportunity for reflection. In the modern world we surround ourselves with everything new – the objects in our household, the media that is presented to us on a daily basis, even the work we do – it’s almost always about progress and everything being new. We are so rarely confronted with anything related to the past, yet the past has defined us and made our present experiences possible. The intention of my work is to inspire reflection on where we’ve been, how it relates to where we are now, and how we may want our thoughts and experiences to evolve in our shared future.


Leo Jahaan is a British/Australian citizen, currently based in Berlin Germany. Jahaan has exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, Paris and Berlin, with work featured in such diverse publications as “SciArt in America”, “Art Ascent”, “Diagram” and “Issues in Science & Technology”. With a background in Information Technology, Jahaan established his own painting method using a self-developed combination of hardware/software. Utilizing this digital technology, Jahaan transforms his designs based on archival engravings into precisely painted oil on canvas, plus glass and light art. The result is a unique combination of old-world and contemporary aesthetics.

Official Website: www.LeoJahaan.com

Artwork 2014

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