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Lisa Halpern



Co-founded by businesswomen Sally Perry and Janine Collins, Go Figurative has been trading since 2008, consulting to private clients, corporate patrons (including banks and professional services) and hotels, specialising in highly skilled figurative art pieces. We represent a core group of highly skilled artists from across the world, most of whom are award winning and recognised by leading museums and critics. The stable of artists can be viewed here: http://www.gofigurative.com/members/artistsrepresentedbygofigurative Our services cover 3 main areas • Sales – advising private and corporate clients on commissioned pieces and/ or sourcing suitable existing work from our own cohort of artists, or further a-field. • Curated Art Exhibition Scheme - Providing original art works (not prints) on rotation to companies, for their public spaces, meeting rooms, etc. These are rotated on a quarterly or tri annual basis. http://www.gofigurative.com/corporate-services • Hotels - We are gaining momentum in the hotel sector, most notably for The Savoy. We have worked with the hotel to commission 13 pieces for their public spaces as featured this piece in The New York Times http://www.nytimes.com/2013/10/27/arts/artsspecial/a-place-to-stay-surrounded-by-works-of-art.html?ref=artsspecial&_r=0 For private clients, we exhibit at many of the major London art fairs, and offer client-specific consultancy services. The Go Figurative Gallery is situated at 92 Heath Street, between Hampstead station and Hampstead Heath. With its proud heritage as a magnet for artists, and it’s thriving cultural scene, Hampstead is a natural choice for our gallery.

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