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Lollipop L Gallery



Lollipop Gallery was founded by collectors with a clear philosophy and vision: to be the creative hub for visual art in the East End of London. Despite being the largest commercial space next to the famous Whitechapel Gallery, Lollipop is not the classic austere and clinical white cube. Neither are our shows just pictures on walls – they encompass art sourced from all over the globe and we pride ourselves on our high curatorial standards.

Our goal is to foster a space that is welcoming, informative and an inspiration for creativity. Unlike many high-end galleries, we seek to engage with the public at every turn and help newcomers to the art world to make their first steps in collecting art. In terms of artists, we only wish to deal in the here and now. There is immense pleasure to be gained from supporting living artists and following them through their career. For this reason, we have chosen to focus on the contemporary in its broadest sense.

Our programme changes monthly and dramatically from one show to the next, varying between solo and group exhibitions. We view ourselves as catalysts and enablers and commit to trying to create must-see events and happenings rather than just trying to turn over a shop.

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