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Lorna Green


Lorna Green is a sculptor and environmental artist whose main interest over is in Art in Public Places. She has  worked throughout the U.K. as well as overseas in both urban and rural landscapes, indoors and outdoors and has made sculptures which have been both permanent and temporary. Her sculpture is site specific in that it relates totally to the site taking into consideration the architecture, the landscape, the history, economy, ecology or mythology of the area. She uses a wide variety of materials relevant to the project – wood, stone, bricks, steel, bronze, planting, rope, sand, water, glass, light, plastics, even feathers, silk flowers and drinks cans, and snow, etc. and enjoy working on both large and small scale.

Because all the work she does is commissioned and frequently on a residency basis, both temporary and permanent, she has a wide experience of working with landscape architects, planning permission applications, fabricators, engineers, quarries, brick works, health and safety regulations, administrators, concerns of the general public and the local community with whom she works which include workshops for ideas, assisting, discussions, selection of final sculpture, etc.she is very good at deadlines, her projects have a story which has emerged from consultation with the local community: they can include stories or artefacts meaningful to specific areas - she has worked with courtyards which provide spaces for students to chill out in, in a hospital to calm the patients and staff, with schools to develop a sculpture for their grounds, in parks , and have used thousands of tonnes of spoil for earthwork projects for people to use and enjoy – far better than dumping in a landfill site.

She loves the research that goes into the development of a sculpture and  relishes the snippets of information and the rich stories that people relate. She suggest a few ideas and the community chooses the one they prefer. Sometimes they like elements from a couple of ideas which she then re-thinks to incorporate them and when everyone is happy, it goes ahead. This is an exciting and stimulating time because the final result evolves organically and she never quite knows what the end result will be.

She has worked the length and breadth of the UK as well as in Australia several times, New Zealand, Canada, China, Korea, Japan, Hungary, Italy, France also several times, Germany twice, the former Yugoslavia, Italy, Lithuania, Ireland, Austria, The Netherlands and Lapland and is happy to continue to work and explore other countries and continents enjoying the challenge of learning the language of the countries as well as the customs, food and the way of life. To work in another country is totally different to having a holiday – and having some language certainly helps to enrich the experience.

Email: lg@lornagreen.com

Website: www.lornagreen.com


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