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Loudwig van Ludens



I am a multidiciplinary artist and entrepreneur working in painting, photography, video installation, sculpture and performance. After finishing intermediate school, I continued with private studies in various local and international art studios and workshops with sculptors, painters, designers, blacksmiths, stonemasons, stained glass studios etc.
In 1988 I moved to Luxembourg where I founded, directed and curated several art venues including the Gallery Philo'soff* - a venue that combined visual art and live concerts with experimental music. In 1994 I founded, designed and built the artspace and bar Octav - a venue for video, photography, music, theater and stop motion films where I organised and curated 54 events. In '95 I organised the 1. Open Air Festival 'Rock the Virgin Island' on the Lake of Echternach (Today 'E- Lake Festival')

In 1995 I co-founded 'Metaph' - a company for graphic, interior and industrial design, where I worked as Art Director and Designer until 2009.
Since 1999 I developed the Anamorphic Video/Photo Technique. I have focused on the anamorphoic aproach of photography, video, light membranes, painting, and installations in which society and iconic architectural settings are transformed and distorted thus reflecting on the hidden layers of perception.

In the years 2002/03 I lived and worked in New York, where I was collaborating with: the 'Skizum Studios', 'Mecca USA', 'Field Lines Architecture'. At the time I developed the anamorphic visualization of the 'Wormhole Theory' (The Einstein-Rosen Bridge)

I live and work in Berlin since 2008.

In 2012 I founded and curated the festival "Friction Art Berlin".

My work has been featured amongst others in the 'Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum', New York in 2003, 'The Armory Show-Volta New York' in 2012. 'The State Hermitage Museum' St. Petersburg in 2012'...

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