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Loughran Gallery



Initially a roaming gallery existing through energetic bursts of pop-up shows featuring a variety of artists across London and the UK, Loughran Gallery has via a longer residential spell at Belgravia’s Motcomb Street, and now the bright, industrial space of 43 Cadogan Gardens in Chelsea, transitioned into a gallery with a defined and established rosta of artists such as Charlie Barton, Chris Levine, Dale vN Marshall, Darwin, Sinke & van Tongeren, Dave White, Harland Miller, Jessica Zoob, Nick Jeffrey and Piers Bourke.

The gallery is known for its discriminate eye, and central to its vision is to show work of innovation which is beautifully executed and that will have a voice in the art world in years to come. Loughran Gallery was founded on the belief that great art communicates at a frequency we, as humans, emotionally and subconsciously tune into; it doesn’t just view work through the eyes of what may feel relevant today, but is concerned with artists of longevity, who speak their own unique language and consider subject matters that will resonate in the future.

With this in mind, the gallery’s ethos is simple; to make every visitor’s or collector’s experience one defined by approachability and friendliness – yet crucially informed by the team’s in-depth knowledge and belief that art should be collected with both mind and heart; Loughran Gallery knows that access to accurate and detailed information is key, but also understands how there too must be that connection between collector and artwork – or as director Juliette Loughran says; ‘It’s not just a one-way relationship: you bring as much to a work of art as it gives you.

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