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Louis Savage



Ongoing themes within Savage’s work are identity, perception and the nature of reality, looking at how these three states are constantly moving, evolving and influencing each other. He is drawn to experiences and pluralities of thought which do not have clear resolutions and instead develops work around the premise of the absence of a fixed truth and the fabrication of reality we all have constructed as biased observers. 

Each piece treads a line between, and attempts to come to terms with, the mixing of personal experience and collective shared consciousness. Formally his work has been influenced by ideas from physics, especially quantum superposition; capturing a moment in an amalgam of mixtures, leading to densely layered imagery for the viewer to find themselves immersed in. 

Rather than a reduction down of ideas to a supposed essence, Savage’s interest lies in an explosion outward of possibilities, finding that within this ungraspable plane that some form of personal internal development can arise much like Wittgenstein's ladder. The paintings role is to become a catalyst and feedback loop system for the viewers own subjective discourse carefully balancing communication against exposition.

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