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luca lillo



The manual skill expressed in paintings, drawings and carving, founds support in the use of computer graphic tools and the study of art history in the most recent techniques of mass communication. Luca Lillo's works reflect a balanced association between modern and traditional.

In his works our eye reconstructs photos of Milan's urban contests, borrowed from the Google maps's impartial take.
The representation of those landscapes reminds the pointillisme technique, but in this case the color gives way to the letters of a language used by the first hacker.

The subject, alter ego and main model of the artist, comes from a 3D reconstruction, represented in estranging perspectives and unreal dimensions. A "cumbersome" presence, characterized by an impassive gaze directed to the onlooker and by a stillness which breaks in a tension towards the vanishing point of the canvas; a door which divides the real from its representation.

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