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Lucy Tomlins


A sculptor and 3-dimensional art practitioner, my work is rooted in the everyday and directly referential to the everyday, material objects of our society. I rely on a very specific set of cultural references and symbolic qualities imbued in the original object, rather than integrating the specific objects themselves into the work. I term this approach to be a ‘remaking of the ready-made’. This remaking enables me to remove any unproductive associations or symbolic qualities the ready-made equivalents may have and allows for the addition of others, through formal and material transformative decisions, scale-shifts and surprising juxtaposition. This altered experience is wrapped up with the reveal of uncanny relationships between seemingly disparate materials and things.

The remaking provides the sensory pleasure in making I crave and, more importantly, the materiality of the remade object becomes an essential component in the transformation from the original; a response to the everyday that is somehow materially shifted. These changes act as points of difference that reflect back onto the original known object. The phenomenological encounter with the artwork, therefore, becomes an enabler of a reflection back to the known reality with the potential for reevaluation, through a recognition of the points of difference.

Though often involving labour-intensive, hand-crafted elements, my work is not limited to a specific medium or approach and draws from the spectrum of sculptural practice – be that using multimedia content, carving, casting or construction – as is required for an individual piece.

A graduate from the MA in Sculpture at the Royal College of Art in June 2012, I was recently selected for the Catlin Guide 2013, a book of 40 promising recent UK arts graduates (curated by Justin Hammond). I was awarded the Deutsche Bank Creative Enterprise Award in Art and selected for the Coutts Cowley Manor Arts Award, Cowley Manor,Gloucestershire, in 2012 and in 2011 I was the winner of the13th Annual Battersea Park Sculpture Award (the Friends of Battersea Park/Royal College of Art).

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