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Luiz Augusto Moreira



After all, what is design? Design is innovation, emotion, is to be sure the changes you proposed really made a difference. It is to offer in a product not only traditional ergonomics, but also increase efficiency, confort and safety; it is not about creating beautiful products, but ones capable of leaving you astonished; it is not just about being economical, but also about being creative; it is not about designing common "eco-friendly" solutions, but directly contribuiting to sustainability; finally, it is not about selling more, it is about making a company grow and become successful. And what is like to be a designer? It is about being responsible, not leaving aside the respect for the human being; it is about being optimistic, contesting the problems with no fear; it is about being unpredictable, creating expectation and enchantment; it is about being a prophet, foreseeing the design of the future; it is about being a magician, making dreams come true and causing what first seemed to be impossible. www.luizrpm.com

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