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Luke Wabro



I am a teen artist that is passionate about experimenting with anything that can make a mark, especially Indian Inks Indian Inks.

My Question is:

Why is it so difficult for a talented kid to find an art club that isn’t baby arts & crafts?

I’ve been a kid artist since I could hold a pencil; I have met other equally talented kids along my journey. I am now 13, but yet I am not considered old enough to be able to compete with adults in many arts classes and competitions. I am almost the age where I am deemed old enough to have any talent. Still there are only less than a handful of competitions or courses available to me. I have been designing all my life, but I am deemed not old enough to be able to work a screen printing press. I have been lucky enough for people to see beyond my age. But where do any talented under 16 artists stand? I was lucky enough for my parents to find me a fine art class for 8 year olds; it was the only one available. Then The Princes Drawing Club took me on – until they became the Royal drawing Club and had to charge. I am currently in The Sorrel Foundation Nat Sat Club – which is amazing. I have been lucky; but not all kids have had access to have nbeen lucky enough to explore their creativity beyond “arts & crafts.”

I ask artists, institutions, educational facilities to acknowledge that there are kids u13 that are insanely talented who need nurturing.

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