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Marek Tobolewski


UK Artist - Non-representational - painting & drawing


Ongoing Continuum series has been concerned with symmetry and reflection.

Rotating and mirroring linear forms, layering surfaces of pure colour

and exposing under-painting through negative lines.

Selected solo exhibitions:

Between the Lines, Buxton Museum & Art Gallery

The works in Between the Lines (2009 – 2013) are non-narrative abstractions made from rotation and mirroring simple forms.  New works reflect on and traces of earlier ones. The majority of pieces in this exhibition are small-scale works on paper plus a few examples of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) drawings on wood and Perspex, a further addition to his visual vocabulary developed on his residency at Lakeside Arts Centre in 2010 that signal a more sculptural approach to his themes. In recent works from 2013 Tobolewski has explored a new drawing process with a scalpel knife: meticulously scraping the printed ink of exhibition PV invitations, bare unprinted card is expose to form the linear structure. 

Sym, Tarpey Gallery, Castle Donington Derby UK

“ … Tobolewski might skirt dangerously close to the kind of spaced-out geometric mannerisms that, in a less sensitive artist, would betray a paperback misreading of the cosmic implications of chaos theory. Yet his is a rare skill in being able to make such references at the same time as imbuing every one of his swirling lines with a highly personal lyrical grace. This is art that comes over all joyous although it has obviously been achieved through sustained reflective struggle.”  Robert Clark, Guardian Review

Continuum in Symmetry, Djanogly Art Gallery, Nottingham. UK

".. These meticulously crafted lines meander across canvas and paper like the very best  of choreographed snail trails.  They appear deceptively simple, but are painstakingly layered and gently intertwined to create deep and penetrating visual field which draw you ever inwards. With all the works on show, intrigue, ambiguity, and understatement are combined with colour and form to generate an immersive  warmth and calm evocative in part of a protected state of  pre natal suspension. .."  Tom Hackett ANweb 

full review - http://www.a-n.co.uk/interface/reviews/single/631740

ContinuumHive Gallery, Barnsley. UK

" .. I’m no formalist, and I have little appreciation for “process art” if that’s what this is, so for the last twenty years I’ve often wondered “what on earth is Marek up to – painting circles all the time?”  .. Mik Godley NVAweb

full review - http://www.nottinghamvisualarts.net/review/nov-09/continuum

DisintegrationAngel Row Gallery, Nottingham. UK

Innercore, Galerie OZ, Paris

Selected group shows:

Occidental Dimension, UoB Gallery, Brighton. UK

Young British Abstraction, Silverstein Gallery, New York. USA


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