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Mari Yamagiwa


Japanese painter.

What I'm trying to express in my art are my experiences which are like pain, pleasure, sadness, and impressed scene. And various cultures and ideologies are included. In addition, it was filled with the dirty part that is existed in a deep inner and the hidden other side. They are dismantled once, restructured, and represented by the big eyed punk nymphets, my Alter ego. Therefore, my art is always impulsive, private and is free. An imaginative extraordinary world is composed by the oil paints or uniting of different textures. Many junk elements collected from all over the world are mixed, and the color flood is like a chaotic contemporary society. You might find an answer in my art if you feel that you are restrained or restricted by something that you can't see, or if you are worried about something.

>Represented Gallery
*Monkdogz Urban Art Inc.
547 West 27 Street
5th Floor - Suite 500 New York, NY 10001

*Galerie Miyawaki ギャルリー宮脇
Nijo-agaru Teramachi-dori Nakagyo-ku Kyoto, Japan
tel +81-075-231-2321
fax +81-075-231-2322

Oil paintings

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