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Maria Hogbacke


Maria Högbacke (b. 1982, Stockholm, Sweden) Visual artist based in London. Graduated 2010 from Royal Academy Schools and 2007 from Slade school of Fine Art.  She makes colourful ‘semi-abstract’ paintings of collected visual impressions from everyday life and imagination. Altered through the process of memory the pictures reappear in a more subjective and personal attire. Högbacke is fascinated by the sensory experience of colour and basic geometrical forms with charged symbolic associations. The layered, rough surfaces are derived from a slow process of finding and unravelling an image and its constant push and pull. For Högbacke painting becomes a process of reinvention and of rethinking, where each work reacts against and references the preceding. The paintings are remarkably still and silent yet expressive.

Paintings 2010

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