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Marie-F Turner




I have been working as a Freelance Illustrator and a Painter for a number of years.

» My images are vibrant, energetic and very contemporary. I like to give the viewer a feeling

of positivity and optimism. »

Commissioning an illustration :

Web Banner, Character Creation, Cartoon Scenes, Greeting Cards, Decorative Illustration...

Commissioning a Painting on Canvas Or paper, for Home, Office or Companies.

Mostly Abstracts, Unrealistic Figures, Kind of Street Art, Decorative and Pop Art

Medium: Acrylic Paint, Graphic Pens and Collage mostly

I use Photoshop regularly.

A more comprehensive selection of my work is available on demand.

If you are interested in commissioning some artwork, please contact me directly 

at mariefturner@yahoo.com, with a quick description of what you want to have done and your

contact details. I will then come back to you very quickly.

Thank you.

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