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Mark Dotzler



Mark Dotzler is an American tech artist making sculpture.  He loves metal, science and technology.

Deep relational aesthetics sometimes play an important role in his work (similar to what Nicholas Bourriaud describes, but expanded and including some of Theodor Adorno’s thoughts on “truth-content”, societal commentary, et cetera).  Dotzler’s work is also influenced by the minimal artists of the 20th century, but instead of using the industrial materials of the 60’s period, he often uses today’s more scientifically advanced materials and many of the technological things that surround us all.  Computer microchips (silicon wafers), computer hard drives, aerials and thermionic valves (early binary code devices) are just some of the materials he began using when he first started making artwork at the age of forty.

His artwork contemplates contemporary nomenclature, relational dimensions and material societal issues.  Examples and explanations of that work can be seen here:  Aspects of the Art

Mark Dotzler has site-specific pieces at The Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts and has done major outdoor commissioned sculpture work for the Catholic Church.

He has also contributed to many high-end fabrication projects in both metal & wood for architects and other artists through his associations with several highly accomplished master craftsmen.  Examples of those projects can be seen here:  Fabrication Capabilities   

View Mark Dotzler: Momentous Affinity a recent Art Book on his work 

View Mark Dotzler: The Machines  Curiator Featured Artist Editorial 

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