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Mark Lomax


My work has a strong conceptual base.  At the start of each body of work I research and develop new themes and ideas.  Some of these themes continually re-surface and provide continuity to the work.

Current themes include; a sense of implied history, memory, belonging, knowledge and the trace of human activity and presence.

This latter theme refers to the act of mark-making and the process of producing artefacts.

My main method of working takes the form of mixed media.  This involves using various concoctions of plaster, filler, soot, sand, wax, printed paper and pigment, usually applied to wooden panels, but also on occasions applied to other objects, such as books, crumpled paper or pieces of furniture.

Books and the printed word have been an important aspect of my work for the past two years.  The titles of many of my pieces have been directly influenced by passages or phrases taken directly from books.  Sometimes this is in a very direct way and other times in a more enigmatic way, to create a sense of mystery and intrigue.

My work has always sort to be ambiguous and open to many different interpretations. It is multi layered both in its meaning and interpretation and also in its physical construction, where texture and surface come to the forefront.  

I like to create a sense of movement and rhythm in my work; some pieces are very busy and dynamic, whilst others are more calm and meditative.

Mark Lomax

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