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Mark Woods


Mark Woods was born in Surrey in 1961. He attended art college for two terms but didn’t feel comfortable in this formalized environment, opting to self train.

From an early age Mark, had a fascination with nature especially insects and was drawn to the jewelery work of Rene Lalique and Faberge and the paintings of Bosche especially his heretical subversion with Catholic imagery.

Mark’s work explores fetishism and many of the pieces have erotic and sensual overtones.They are lovingly fashioned in both precious and base materials. The small sculptures(some can be worn) at The Wapping Project exhibition, have been displayed in a rubber room which is crucial to the context of the objects. The public enters this room through a narrow rubber seal which caresses your body.The sculpture is viewed through peep holes cut into the latex walls. Other port holes appear under the windows encased in black rubber industrial gloves.

You are invited to try and fondle the objects of your desire through the rubber as they glisten in their cases out of reach.

The exhibition @ The Wapping Project 16 December – 31 January Wapping Wall E1W3SG ArtLyst

Mark Woods

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