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Marko Stout

New York City and Berlin

Based in Manhattan, the popular mixed media and installation artist Marko Stout is best known for his fierce depiction of the contemporary female in a wildly debauched New York City. His current series are a reinvention of the femme fatale motif, exposing the modern woman's powerful role within today’s uber-paced world. In his latest series, the woman reveal a strong sensuality in contrast with the roughness of their industrial urban backgrounds. Through these depictions, Marko plunges the viewer deeply into a hauntingly seductive and an often confrontational relationship with the subject, creating an edgy examination of creative powers of the individual to strive beyond social, cultural, and moral contexts.

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"Marko's profound spin on such a relatable aspect of the human experience leaves viewers aware, unshackled and connected to the grit of New York City, in the best way possible!" - Samantha Matcovsky, Huffington Post (Arts & Culture)

Marko Stout International Exhibition

"Chelsea Girls" Tour Dates

ArtExpo, New York City, Pier 94  4/23/15 thru 04/26/15

Berlin Gallery Weekend, Berlin, Germany  05/01/15 thru 05/03/15

Hells Kitchen Art Festival, New York City 05/15/15 thru 05/17/15

ArtHamtons, Bridgehampton, New York 07/03/15 thru 07/05/15

Rivington Street Gallery, New York City 08/13/15 thru 08/19/15

Amsterdam Int'l Art Fair, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam  08/28/16 thru 08/29/16

Berlin Art Week, Berlin, Germany 09/15/15 thru 09/20/15

Berlin Licterfest, Berlin, Germany 10/09/15 thru 10/18/15

Art Toronto 2015, Toronto, Canada 10/23/15 thru 10/26/15

ArtSpot International Art Show, San Diego, CA 11/05/15 thru 11/08/15

Miami Spectrum Art Show, Downtown Miami 12/02/15 thru 12/06/15

ArtBasel, Miami Beach, 12/03/15 thru 12/06/15

Arte Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany  01/14/16 thru 01/17/16 

LA Art Show, Los Angeles, CA  01/27/16 thru 01/31/16

Art Palm Beach, Palm Beach, FL  01/20/15 thru 01/24/15

Le Shopping Paris, Carrousel Du Louve, Paris 06/13/16 thru 06/14/16

"Compelling, innovative artwork... The resulting impact is a stunning contemporary spectacle!"

- My Life Style Magazine

"... a fierce juxtaposition of the contemporary female and a madly debauched New York City!"

  - Artists Showcase Magazine   


Featured Works: Art is a Lie, Innocence Out of Style, Chelsea Girl with Hat and Wine, Fear is a Prison, Hot Dreams, You Will Live Forever, Jump at Your Own Risk, Manhattan Project No. 09 (a video installation) and more!

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