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Marta Mancini


In my works the color, the shape and the material are decisive.
I dig with passion in the pictorial language, considering the result of those elements as pure visual expression; and I still do not know if I paint myself, for sure nobody else: the pictorial material activates personal imaginative worlds, but at the same time, it neutralizes the psychological ego, according to a pictorial logic, which is all about itself.

The look gets lost in the magmatic color, in its dense material.
The geometric structure opposes to rigor, it is contained in a liquid and dense stroke, which smells like antique linseed oil.
It is an aesthetic experience, an exchange of energy, a contact, an embrace between the subject and the object, between the audience and the picture.
The space of the canvas, soaked with different white layers, becomes the space of the changing soul.

Marta Mancini was born on 27th November 1974 in Jesi, where she lives and works.
In 1998, after graduating at “Accademia di Belle Arti” in Urbino, she started displaying her works in many collective and personal exhibitions.




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