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martial durou




I am a french artist, and have been living in the UK for the last 10 years, after having lived in Spain and Asia.

I like to use different materials and supports, working mostly from instincts.

I would like to spread affordable art pieces, popular art, and mostly make people understand that opening up and letting instincts guiding your hand, open vast possibilities to the imagination and to the artist. I hope that what I do and my views can get people who are already artists in their appreciation to take a pen, brush, or chisel, and start producing.

After working in design and branding and print for several years, I have decided to get my art out there and become a professional artist.

The common point to my recent work, whether in paint or drawing, is that I use a "1 line" technique, in which the pencil, or brush, does not leave the paper from start to finish. This allows me to keep a tempo during the production and create the whole piece with only 1 single line.

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