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Martina Miholic



Main concern of my art practice is a wish to question  wide specter of communication problems and channels, human perception and identity. The development of growing multiple structures, systems and languages provided as communication "tools" drive me to study and question their extensions, possibilities, boundaries and gaps as well as their by-products (naming, shifting meanings, making, stereotypes, prejudice, dogmas, violent act).

Personal bareness, dismantling of a subject position and social modulation is my fundamental method for facing the problem.

Subjecting myself and deconstructing self position I'm trying to reach further in fragile undefined zones in-between the relations of You and I-author, You and I work/subject/viewer/listener/reader.

I am not just interested into shifting of meanings within different relations and contexts, but also shifting of meanings when positions of object and subject have been swapped. Using different languages I was analysing myself as an object for applying and imprinting different meanings and myself as an subject, asking myself what I am?

Trough this process I wanted to make people think and become aware of terms and meanings they use in describing and seeing other people, their inclusion in the role of an observer in judging and in the role of an active participant as the signifier creates a label of a certain subject for themselves and for the relation towards the specific subject. 

By participating in identification of the other and interaction with the other I raise a question of how important is that process in the perception of the self, in creation of one’s own identity and perception of self. How to accept the description and perception of the others towards us as relevant and compatible with our own personality, and whether such thinking has a real basis? Do we start to believe it after many similar or same statements? 

Croatian London based visual artist.

2011 MA Fine Arts at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London

2004 MA Visual Arts - Graphic, Academy of Fine Art - Zagreb, studio of Prof. Ante Kuduz

2002 Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava (visual communications department)


Am I? (I am, Something Drives Me)

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