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martine thoelen




Martine Thoelen (1970, Belgium)


 I have been living and working in New-York, Paris, Milan, London, Spain and now in Switzerland. Meeting people from many different cultures has given me a special view of live – and maybe a deeper understanding of human beings.


What fascinates me about people is not so much their appearance, as what is hidden under the surface. Through my work I try to express the feelings which all human beings have in common, such as sorrow, joy, longing and jalousie. Feelings which are often contradictory.


I want to give a strong, penetrating vision of the inner life of human beings of which the essence is shown in each of my works. Each painting conveys a message to mankind. The great challenge is to make this message penetrate the appearance and appear on the surface of my figures. The message will be interpreted differently and uniquely by each individual. So it has to be. What matters for me is to create a dialogue between the work and the spectator, to remind him or her of maybe forgotten feelings.


The human figure is prominent in my oeuvre. I want that the inner beauty of my figures is reflected in an aura of mystery, enchantment and poetry.


To reach this purpose I try to sublimate colour and form in my oeuvre in which the human figure is prominent. The lack of background helps to emphasize the figures and their actions.

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