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matt clark


The ideas I work with often find their beginnings in various and diverse forms of popular culture from fables and religious text to ancient satire and political institutions, which are then altered and transformed into self created fictions of a rather different nature. The original sources are reinterpreted in order to illustrate playful stories of the uncertain and the fantastic: a time machine or a ship of fools, a cavaning prophet or a man whose head could fly. There is no formula to finding inspiration and my points of departure range from historical investigation to science fiction hypothesising. Whilst I regularly use multi-layered narratives with ambiguous and mysterious backgrounds, they are not constructed in a linier sense and many are not easily understood but rather open to many possible interpretations. I couldn’t say that I always make work for an audience but in my view art that does not consider its viewer can hold little satisfaction for its creator, and my production represents a sincere attempt at authentic communication through the viewer’s compulsion to discover new concepts and inhabit magical spaces. Through the artwork I make I aim to engage the audience by questioning their involvement and their role, reimagining them as performers upon an artistic stage.

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