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Melanie Joy Guy



My interest and what drives me is my concern for the way that we abuse the natural world, we de-value it. We should recognise our relationship to the natural world - we are part of it, we as animals rely for our well being on nature and yet constantly we make drastic assaults on it. We cannot exist in a man-made world alone; we can exist within a natural world but in a different way, an older and slower way - at the pace at which the natural world can regenerate.

I work in resistant materials, wood, stone and metal, mostly pewter, extending the possibilities with this material into art, craft and design projects.

Through my work I try to portray the beauty and energy of the natural world, especially the sea and things associated with it, where the energy of its movements and moods are expressed through my use of natural materials. I hope my work portrays something which refects the beauty and ephemeral quality that aspects of nature have and stimulates thought to reconsider our nonchalance.

After a career in education and also working as a 3d designer, I have been making and exhibiting my art work since 2000.

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