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Melissa Frost




e d u c a t i o n
∆ University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Bachelor of Architecture May 2009 (3.3 gpa)
Umbau School of Architecture, Vienna, Austria
∆ Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA
Sculpture 2003-2004
∆ Community College of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA
Studies in writing, film, art, ceramics, piano and design 2002-2004
S.A.I.L. (Art & Alternative education) High School, Tallahassee, FL
Photography, chess team, french club & political activism
graduated 2001 (3.8 gpa)

w o r k
SUPERFRONT, New York,NY 6-present 2010 :: assistant curator
OBRA architects, New York, NY 5- present 2010:: top secret projects
Snarkitecture, New York, NY 1-4 2010:: art/architecture firm. full-time intern. research, design, modeling, rendering both 2 & 3-D, office duty, beginners ping-pong
International Design Clinic, Philadelphia, PA 2009-10:: material studies, project development & mock up
∆ IMBY Misty Hollow, Philadelphia, PA 2009:: summer internship at member-run CSA. Farming and farming infrastructure. tree-house building.
Heartworm Press, Philadelphia, PA 2007-2009:: small-publishing of books/records/tapes. co-founder/co-owner.
∆ Treevitalize, Philadelphia, PA 2006- present:: non-profit organization planting street trees in urban areas of Philadelphia. urban arborist training; establishing/heading local chapter StreetReLeaf; Continuous involvement in community outreach/planting.
∆ Downdraft Systems, Wilmington, DE 2001—06:: Industrial metal fabrication as well as administrative duties.
∆ Wooden Shoe books, Philadelphia, PA 2002-05:: non-profit political theory book store and community center. collective member /staff.
∆ Olive Cafe, Philadelphia, PA 2001-02:: worker owned cafe and community center. co-owner /event organizer/staff.

p r o j e c t s
∆ Purchase and reconstruction of 3,500 sq. foot house & neighbouring lot, design and physical construction, 2002-∞
∆ collaboration and co-releases with Barcelona-based record label Ozono, 2003/04
∆ Curation of lectures/workshops
x DO IT YEAH!- d.i.y. instruction-focused workshops & panel of collectively run groups, organizer.
x x CODE space, Philadelphia. 2005
x Pioneering Gentrification- political, social and functional workshop/discussion. instructor.
x x Philadelphia Zine Festival, Philadelphia.2006
x Architecture with/out architects- lecture series exploring public architecturally framed topics,
x x organizer & speaker. Philadelphia Institute for Advanced Studies, Philadelphia. 2008-09
∆ Curation of architecture/art exhibits [Megawords Storefront / Umbau School of Architecture (08)] and music events
∆ Various pieces shown [Space 1026- mixed media (07), Megawords- photography (08), Upenn- architectural work (08), Philadelphia Works- lamp(09)]

a b i l i t i e s
∆ Design
Site analysis, concept development, massing studies, et al.
∆ Craft
x drafting and rendering with graphite, ink, watercolor, and colored pencil, modelling
with wood, chipboard, foam, metal, clay, and plastic.
x Competent use of AutoCAD, Office, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Revit, SketchUp, Dreamweaver and Rhino
x Carpentry, plumbing, electrical, metal fabrication & welding, plastics & resin, painting, farming and various restoration skills
x English (native), German (intermediate), experience with French and Spanish

t r a v e l
∆ musical & personal tours throughout North America (multiple)
∆ western Europe (5/6/7-03)
∆ artist residency in Barcelona (1/2/3/4-04)
∆ eastern Europe & pilgrimage of the works of Peter Zumthor and Plečnik (5/6/7-07)
∆ Berlin, German studies (9/10-09)

o n l i n e r e f e r e n c e s

http://www.melissajfrost.com/- online portfolio
http://architecturewithoutarchitects.wordpress.com- lecture series
http://ieannex.wordpress.com/- digital dumping grounds

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