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Mentor Chico



My name is Mentor and I had experience for 30 years as a art I have done many exhibitions in London 1 of them went to the museum of London. MENTOR CHICO Born: Ecuador He is one of the most successful artists in Ecuador and London. In previous years,he has won many awards in national competitions; his works have been exhibited in many prestigious galleries and museums like the Museum of London in 2006 and was held for 3 months of which 2 artworks were sold. EDUCATION Degree in Fine Art at the Central University - Quito Ecuador - 1993 PRIZES 1999- Special mention “Biennale of Malta” Malta 1995- Second National Award as a painter “Salón de Julio Guayaquil- Ecuador” 1995- Honorary Mention. “Salón Luis A. Martínez” Ecuador 1994- Selected as at the best Ecuadorian Painter “Calendar Holland” Ecuador 1994- Finalist on the UNESCO universal contest – France 1993- First prize “National Competition” Ecuador 1993- First prize “National Competition” Ecuador 1993- Honorary Mention. National Competition “Mariano Aguilera” Ecuador 1993- Second National prize “Salón de Julio - Guayaquil” Ecuador 1993- Second National prize “Salón de Julio - Guayaquil” Ecuador 1992- Finalist in the "Prize of Paris French Alliance” competition, Ecuador 1992- Individual Exhibition “French Alliance” Ecuador EXHIBITIONS 2012- Solo exhibition “Bolivar Hall” London 2011- Group exhibition “Aquarium Gallery” London 2010- Group exhibition “Art – Revolution AT Acquire Gallery” 2007- Group exhibition “Café Gallery” London 2006- Group exhibition “Museum Of London” 2005- Solo Exhibition “Gallery 33 – London” 2003- Group exhibition “Gallery Star 2000” London. 2000- Solo exhibition “Institute Cervantes” London 1998- Solo exhibition “Latin American House” London 1997- Group exhibition “Gallery Expressions” Ecuador 1997- Group exhibition “La Galería” Ecuador 1996- Invited to the International Fair of Art, Madrid.

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