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Michael Markham


Michael Markham was born in Emsworth, England, grew up in Canada and now resides in Brooklyn, New York.

Markham works in a variety of media, including painting, works on paper, map-making, poetry, photography, video and performance. His work is largely unified by theme, which looks at the contrasts between human progress and nature’s processes. Human industry and progress are represented by the highway; nature is of the landscape through which the highway proceeds. The cyclical processes of nature are seen to be in conflict with the determined, linear progress of the highway, and this conflict is a characteristic of our overall environmental crisis. Markham spends much time traveling the highway and documenting it in a thoughtful fashion while also taking the time to walk into the surrounding landscape and consider the contrast.

The work shown in the "Meditations" gallery is considered a form of visual haiku. The intent is to make gestural and poetic work — small in size — which is ephemeral and which the cycles and seasons will easily erase. A wind ... a rainstorm ... the passing of a season or two ... and this work will disappear as nature's processes take over and any evidence of human presence is sloughed off. Only the photographs remain.

The "Postcards" gallery shows images for a series of postcards being made while traveling the roads of Ontario, Canada. A separate, limited edition portfolio of quality digital prints is also being produced.

Markham has exhibited in the Americas, Europe and Australia. He can often be found playing blues or country music in a variety of venues. He is also a published poet.


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