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Michal Martychowiec


Born in 1987 in Lublin, Poland. He studied visual arts at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London (2009-2011), where he lives and works.

From 2007 Martychowiec has been creating a number of topical photographic series, as well as video projections and extensive installations using diverse media: photography, film, drawing, objects.

Artist’s practice is a means by which to explore, by alternative means, philosophical ideas that complement his research. He applies notions of Eastern philosophy with a direct reference to the European aesthetics. He is concerned with historic phenomena brought into contemporary contexts, through individual and interdisciplinary creation of which he questions and reinterprets existing forms and ideas.

Martychowiec' work is characterised by minimalistic aesthetics resulting, inter alia, in physical and mental reduction of forms. This aesthetics has a source in the Far East – aesthetics of emptiness. At the same time, Martychowiec collaborates on opera productions creating installations, which are specific reinterpretations of time and space, and incorporate different media.

The artist creates documentations of considerable problematic exhibitions by raising an individual dialogue with history and art.

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