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Michal Ohana-Cole


 Michal Cole

Born, 1974, Lives and works in London



2012- 2013                  MFA (MA Fine Art) Chelsea Art College, London, UK

1997-2000                  Fine Art B.A (Honours) Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London, UK

1996-1997                  Prep'Art Art College, Paris, France


Solo Exhibitions

2015              Mute Ululation, The Pavilion of Humanity, Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy

2014                  Wolkonsky Gallery, Inferno, Munich, Germany

                  Solo representation - Summa Art fair, Madrid, Spain

2009                  Florentin 45, Fragments, Tel Aviv, Israel

                  Janko Dada Museum, Secret Delights, Ein Hod, Israel

Selected Group Exhibitions

2015             The Fall of the Rebel Angel, Castello, Venice , Italy

                      Big Deal No. 666, Cheriton, London, UK

                      Artist of Vout o Reenees, Vout O Reenees Gallery, London UK

2014              We Could Not Agree, Q Car Park, London ,UK

                      Winter Salon, Kids of Dada, London, UK

                      Young Masters 2014, Sphinx Gallery, London, UK

                       Wilson Museum, The Open West 2014, Cheltenham, UK

                  55 Dalston Lane,  £weatshop, London, UK 

                  Chart Gallery, Glue, London, UK

2013                  Catlog  Paris-2013 Art Fair,  (Solo representation by Art Connections), Paris, France

                  Pertwee Anderson and Gold Gallery, Memento Mori, London, UK

                  Wharf Road Exhibition space , “RAW”, London, UK

                  TIL Gallery, Foreign Bodies, London,  UK

2012                  Degree Art Gallery, ArtHaus London, UK

                  Baram, Art in public display in Tel Aviv  ( At Tel Aviv museum of art), Israel

                  Ash-Laila, public art event in Old Jaffa, Israel

2011                  DegreeArt Gallery, winner of the Signature Art Awards, London, UK

                  Florentin 45 Gallery, Beauty, Tel Aviv, Israel

2010                  Myartspace, Scope Art Fair, Miami, Florida, US

                  Florentin 45, Day-Dreaming, Tel-Aviv, Israel

                  The Crypt Gallery, Lingering Whispers, London, UK

                  Fresh Paint Art Fair, Tel Aviv, Israel

                                    Minshar Gallery, Bread and Roses, Tel Aviv, Israel

2009                            Hidden, ACT ART 7- Children of the Damned, London, UK

                  Fresh Paint  Art Fair, Tel Aviv, Israel

                  The Saatchi Gallery, Showdown, London ,UK

2008                  Florentin 45, Dirty White, Tel-Aviv, Israel

                  The Arches, ACT ART 6, London, UK

2004                  Lotus Gallery, The Sex Show, Bath, UK

                  Ben Uri Gallery, IJAY Awards, London, UK

2002                  Nikolai Fine Art, Sugar Spice and Everything Nice, New York, USA

                  Mafuji Gallery, Obsessions, London, UK

                  Artlink & Sotheby's International Young Art, Tel-Aviv, Israel

                  Artlink & Sotheby's International Young Art New York, USA

                  Artlink & Sotheby's International Young Art, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2001                  Salon Des Arts, Challenge the Nail, London, UK

                  Sotheby's, Out-Moded, London, UK

                  ICA- Nominated for Beck's Futures Award, London, UK

                  The London Institute, Future Map, London ,UK

                  The London Institute, {X}Hibit, London, UK

1999                  King St. Gallery Exhibition, London, UK

                   Fuji Photographic Awards, London, UK

1998                  Logos Art Gallery Third National Competition, London, UK


Exhibition Catalogues

2015             The fall of the rebel angel

2014             Open West , Wilson Museum

                     Young Masters , Cynthia Corbett Gallery

2011                  Beauty, Florentin 45 Gallery

2010                  Lingering Whispers, The Crypt Gallery

2009                  Fragments, Florentin 45 Gallery

2008                  Dirty White, Florentin 45 Gallery   

2004                  IJAY Awards

2002                  Sotheby’s International Young Art

2001                  {X}Hibit The London Institute



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                      Marina Guarneri, “Mute Ululation di Michal Cole al Pavilion Of Humanity”, Venezia Art Magazine, May

                      “Michal Cole : les mutations de la bouche,”,  AparTV, May

                    Anna Wallace-Thompson, “Michal Cole at The Pavilion of Humanity”, Canvas magazine, June

2014              Paul Robinson, Open West 2014 Shows Ambitious Curatorial Vision In Cheltenham, Artlyst , May

2010                  “Lingering Whispers”, Dazed and Confused Digital, July

2009 Dudu Bareket , “Women Liberation”, Achbar Haeir, October, P35

                  Eli Armon-Azulai, “The Female  Mask”, Galleria Haaretz, September, P8 

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                  Yham Hameiri “The Woman in the Leather Mask”, Shamenet- Haaretz, February, P36-40 

2008                   Polly Vernon, “Woman’s Thrift Guide”, The Observer- Women, October 5, P.8

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                  “Florentine 45- Dirty White”, Haaretz- Shamenet Magazine, Israel, September, P.46

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Christopher Hirst, “In Thorough The Out Door”, The Independent weekly review, February 17, P.25

                  Helen Sumpter, “Future Map”, Time Out London, October 27-November 2 


Prizes and Awards

2014                   The Open West 2014, The Wilson Museum, Cheltenham, UK

2011                   First Prize- Signature Arts Awards, DegreeArt, London, UK

2010                  First prize- My art space: Scope Miami competition   

2009                   First Prize- Showdown, Saatchi Gallery


Television Appearance

“Mehayom Lemachar”- “Over night ”- News review, Israel Chanel 1, “ International Young art”                                                  

  Interview with Vered David, December 2001   




Saatchi Collection

Ilana Gur Museum Collection

UAL Collection


New Installation and tapestries

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