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Miguel Ivorra



Originally from Spain, Miguel Ivorra studied art in Brighton and now lives, studies and works in London. Miguel creates work that is accessible and high impact. He has produced numerous installation pieces encouraging the audience to get truly involved with the work and have a shared experience. Like the artist himself, Miguel's work is unashamedly full of warmth. love and humour, but with a measured self-awareness. His highly stylised acrylics explore innocence and temptation. The joyous use of high-precision block colour exaggerates further the flawless skin, the arched brow, the frozen smile, the glazed eyes of his de-contextualised Disney icons. There is a heightened sense of the masked human quality that created the show-piece character, and as such there is feeling of longing. In contrast, his drawings are far more overtly and hedonistically erotic. Sex is explored in all it's beauty, chaos, its depth and its superficiality, in a monochrome move away from aesthetic perfection.

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