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Miloslav Vorlicek



For long as I can remember I have been fascinated with paradoxical meanings that underline human perceptions. Throughout my youth I was mainly interested in politics and art. So it was only natural that I choose to study BA Fine Art at the Goldsmiths College, University of London. During the studies I discovered that exhibition making and working with different elements of such a complex process allowed me to explore my interests further.

Being able to ask aesthetic questions, set frameworks and respond with intricate structures are key elements that led me to choose to further my education at MA Curating Contemporary Art programme at the Royal College of Art. Throughout my time here, I co-curated Escalator Retreat 13 – Tracing the Tacit, Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge, 2013 (a five-day artist oriented programming project) and the graduation exhibition ... all silent but for buzzing ... Royal College of Art, London, 2014. These curating experiences have  provided an opportunity to experience the tacit meanings of various processes of curating contemporary art. 

As an extra curricular activity, Anna Clifford and I co-founded the Life-Agency in June 2013. It has been our interest to promote multidisciplinary collaboration and process above product. As we create experiments that encourage dialogue between otherwise disparate practices, the aim itself is to promote conceptual exchange and generate unexpected outcomes. We facilitated an event Life (Bildung), Barbican Centre, London, 2013 and were given an opportunity, by then Head of MA Curating Contemporary Art Ruth Noack, to facilitate two exhibitions, both titled Addendum (On the Shortness of Time), Galerie Avu & Red Gallery, Prague – London, 2014.

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