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Miriam Kaab


The main concern of my practice has evolved from an initial interest in the crossover between art and architecture.   Considering notions of perception, subjectivity and the unconscious,  I look to question, understand  and utilise the relationship between space and the individual.

Approaching this enquiry from a phenomenological perspective, I am interested in the idea of a relationship so dually dependent, that the ‘existence’ of both space and individual or our perception of each one’s ‘existence’ is completely consequential of the other, each one defining the other in their co-dependency.

Predominantly creating experiential works, I explore our relationship with space, with the ‘viewer’ at the forefront of my mind and the subjective experience that ensues as they interact with the works.

MA Fine Art - Central St Martins (2011)

BA (Hons) History of Art - University of Manchester (2001)


Taking the Sideways Glance

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