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Momoko Suzuki


Momoko Suzuki born in Kanagawa, Japan, in 1982. She graduated in Central Saint Martin in 2009, and started her artistic career afterwards. Her project selected annual prize exhibition called ‘Future Map 09’ as the best 25 talent in University of The Arts graduate 2009, and introduced as high-lighted project with 4 others to top art collector and gallerist.

“Future Map is the best guide to discovering emerging artists and designers with great talent, destined to break out onto the London art scene.”
Fatima Maleki

“At the main entrance to the exhibition space proper, a stylish Japanese girl sporting flamboyant feather headgear is down on her knees, carefully drawing in pencil a delicate, floral and seemingly - endless pattern on the walls. This is the soothing performance of Central Saint Martins' BA Graduate Momoko Suzuki, who serenely informs me that once the exhibition is over, her 'Untitled (2009)' will 'disappear', returning once more to the 'formless fate of the universe'.” Ana Vukadin (murmurArt, Dialogue)

She had also selected as one of the remarkable and edgy young artist in London at ‘Market Estate Projects’. The artist residential project + one day art festival was ended with great successful. Pre-booked tickets was all sold out within few days after they release to sell. On 6th of March in the open art festival, Momoko was engaged to expose her work over the 2500 audiences. Her interviews from Dazed Digital is on:

The exhibition ‘TIME’ at WWGallery will be held until 4th July (opened from 28th May), and Momoko is exposing her self-portrait collection in the show. She aims to expose the collection in ‘TIME’ as comparative and relative collections to ‘‘Or is all this a dream?…’ at KOUKAN Gallery. Momoko will perform at WWGallery in First Thurdsday on 1st July as her part of double-exposure drawing project.

Artist Momoko Suzuki continues her impressive time-based performance and drawing installation on the walls of WW Gallery between 6-9pm.(Time Out London)


29th June-23rd July 2010

‘MOMOKO SUZUKI: ‘Or is all this a dream? Is all our life nothing but an empty dream…?’, KOUKAN Gallery, 106A, Alexandra Park Rd, London, N18 2AE




28th May-4th July 2010

‘TIME’, WW Gallery, 30 Queensdown Rd, London, E5 8NN.


22nd-30th April

'East End Film Festival' (as performing artist),Brady Arts Centre 192-196, Hansbury Street, London.


6th Mar 2010

‘Market Estate Project’, Market Estate, North Road,London.


24th Nov-23rd Dec 2009

‘Future Map ’09’, 20 Hoxton Square Projects, London.


18-25th JUN.2009

‘Central Saint Martins Degree Show 2009’, University of Arts London, Central Saint Martins, Charing Cross (London).



May 2010

‘’TIME’,WW Gallery, 30 Queensdown Rd, London, E5 8NN.

17th Feb-6th Mar 2010

‘Market Estate Project’, Market Estate, North Road,London.



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Untitled 2009

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